Monday, January 23, 2012

ordinary time







Today we had respite from the rain.  We've been battered by storms almost daily since I posted last.  So this is Winter on the Oregon coast.  I don't mind, these storms have a beauty of their own.  But when we woke this morning and the sun was out, it was like coming up for air.  We ran to the beach for two hours.  I think our lungs are full and ready for what next may come.
There's been a lot of indoor play.  Lot's of trying to be patient with each other.  Lot's of Legos.  Lot's of time in the tepee I made them for Christmas.  Lot's of crafts.  Beans on paper was last night's desperate attempt at occupying James and Finn while I cooked dinner.  I thought Finn's came out wonderfully.  He's blossoming into quite the little artist. 
I've been knitting.  I finished a little gift for a soon-to-be birthday girl I know.  And I started a sweater for myself.  I hope it turns out, as I'm winging it a bit.
So, there you go.  We've been living very ordinary days, struggling very ordinary struggles.  And I don't mind them, they have a beauty of their own.


peacework designs said...

love the tepee! and love the beans. i always forget about playing with beans, but they're so perfect. . .happy ordinary time!

Kelley said...

so cute. I tried to comment on your spring photos, which are BEAUTIFUL. I couldn't because the message said they were disabled.