Monday, January 16, 2012

so remember when I said...

that the weather around here lately wasn't very Winter-like? Well, somebody heard, and decided to remedy the situation.







We had some snow, just a little, which is a bit of a rarity around here. The boys were so pleased, and I must say, so was I.  Snow is nice when your cupboards are full, you have no where to, and the fire keeps the house so toasty.   We've been reading The Long Winter as a family, so I think I've been exceptionally aware and appreciative of our ability to be warm and fed. 
Other than snow, I've been trying to get myself organized around the house.  I think, sometimes, when you live out of the way, and you know that no one is going to be stopping by, it is very easy to just let certain things go, like the kitchen, and opt to surf Pintrest for longer than I would ever publicly admit.  So I bought a new planner.  It was very, very ugly, yet very, very practical.  I sewed a cover for it.  Now it's pretty, and I'm filling it with lists, like, "clean the kitchen, do the laundry, and school with the kids", but deep down inside, I'm itching to sew something else. 
Now I feel very rambly.  Daniel is upstairs trying to finish up just a little bit more work, then we are going to watch Downton Abbey.  With a gin & tonic.  Summer in a glass.  I hope he's done soon.


kayleen said...

I just wrote my post on our snow, then noticed you updated your blog so I hopped on over. It struck me (not sure why just now) how I go to your blog and see all these boys, then you come to mine and all you see is little girls :) It's nice we can balance each other out a little, I guess. I see the boys throwing snow at one another...while Josie pouts at being cold. I guess Lou has a bit of 'boy' in her she thoroughly enjoyed laughing as daddy threw snowballs at her mama! Finally, we have yet to finish the first episode of Downtown! I don't know what's up with us! (Seeing as how I literally got goosebumps watching the trailer for it!)

Enjoy your gin and tonics - I bet the parents in The Long Winter wouldn't dream of drinking such a thing ;) (Or would they?)

peacework designs said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! This reminds me of my thoughts yesterday. We had such a FABULOUS beginning to January and then all of a sudden, yesterday, it got cold. NO!!! Apparently, the forecast this week is about 10 degrees cooler than last week. DANG! We do need some rain, though, which I think will happen this weekend. I like rain. But not cold. Brrrrrrrr. . .

I want to see a picture of your planner.

Vanillabean said...

Downton Abbey! I watched the 1st season on netflix. Dusty wouldn't watch it with me. I bet if I made gin & tonics he would have changed his tune.

Kelly said...

Kayleen - hmmmm.. I wonder how even we'll be come July??? And John went through a phase were he was terrified of snow. He wouldn't even walk on it. And I highly doubt Ma & Pa would have condoned alchohol, but then again, Ma would never let her kitchen go like I do, so I figure if I'm already on the slippery slope....
Erin - get yourself some Dry Fly and I bet you you could watch any movie of your chosing, and Dusty would be right by your side ;)