Saturday, June 23, 2012

the lake house

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Fr. Jim invited us to a lake house.  A good time was had by all.  In spite of my crazy, hormonal state.
(By the way, after looking at the photos, doesn't it look like my kids have gay dads?  Totally cracks me up.)  


peacework designs said...

great pics, but hmmmmm. . .i would never have come up with the 'gay' comment. . .looks like fun!

father jim said...

"Lake house" sounds so hoighty-toighty. Although I don't know that a building that can sleep 19 can be called a cabin.

And welcome to my world. Whenever I'm with Dan or David:

a) at a grocery store;
b) at a bar;
c) at a movie;
d) or ANYWHERE with the kids and not the wife;

and not in my clerics, I'm thinking, "people think we're a couple." The golf course is my last refuge. :)

Kayleena said...

Fun stuff!

See, you need to get more pictures of yourself. Somehow. John can handle the camera by now, can't he? :) But yes, everyone needs to see your pretty face otherwise sometimes those boys do look like they are being raised by two daddy's ;)

Vanillabean said...

That looks so fun :)

Kelly said...

Jim - the boys told me the house wasn't actually a cabin. They have pretty high standards of rusticity. So fancy we all will be.

Leilani said...

LOL. Great photos!

Lisa said...

We need to see pictures of you! Absolutely beautiful place.