Tuesday, September 25, 2012

better than tv

DSC_0792 Even though we're back to 70-something degrees now, our weekend was in the 60's, and when the boys came in from playing at dusk with cold fingers, and there was a nip to the house from open doors and windows, I thought, "What the heck?" and decided to try out our cozy fireplace.  The boys just sat there quietly watching the fire, then next thing you know they were narrating some story-line that was apparently going on inside the stove.  I knit and observed in peace.  All was cozy and quiet-ish (as much as it is ever quiet with three little boys around).  It was awesome.


Leilani said...

I love that you have a wood-burning stove!! I really want one right about now! :)

Nema Lady said...

and this is why I can't read your blog much because it makes me cry everytime... that is cause its good! :-(
no really :-) it really is... I am just pregnant and needing a nest to nest in. I stopped by to look for an announcement or some pics (we heard something about a kitchen floor LOL)I will just have to wait! enjoy your baby moon!