Thursday, September 27, 2012

reading lessons

DSC_0796 Finn's been learning to read and is in this stage where he can read his Bob books, but has this hard time mentally making the switch to easy readers because he thinks he somehow can't read them.  John went through the same thing.  It will pass, I know. But in the meantime, when we practice our reading, I'm met with a lot of opposition (mostly because I'm 'mom' and when you are 6, sometimes you feel the need to push your limits... anyways).  My mom has talked about peer teaching in the past and how useful it is, so I took her suggestion.  I was able to covertly overhear them while simultaneously doing dishes, and with considerably less resistance than I've been used to, Finn read to John.  It's so cute to hear John repeating reading rules to Finn, and then evening coming up with some tips of his own.  I wish I could have recorded them reading Green Eggs & Ham together.  John would have Finn read the short pages and then John would read the longer ones.  It made me tear up, it was that sweet.  Sooooooo..... in short, make your kids read together.  It is awesome.


Vanillabean said...

awww, what good brothers.

Leilani said...

Super sweet!! :)