Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy birthday to John

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So this is eight.  I distinctly remember thinking when he was a newborn, "He's going to be an eight-year-old boy one day!" I don't know why the number eight came to mind (the postpartum mind is a very strange place), I just know it did.  And here we are.  He's interested in so many things, and I love that he takes the initiative to pursue them.  I think his biggest loves right now are books, Legos, art (he says he wants to be an artist/art teacher when he grows up), and swimming (I asked if he wanted to be on swim team, and true to his John-ness, he doesn't want to compete, he just wants to learn "all the strokes perfectly", just so he can know how to do them).  He started learning Latin this year, which John is loving, and so Daniel gave him some books.  Green Eggs and Ham in Latin, I can't think of the others. Overall, he had a happy day, and I hope that eight is a good year for my boy.

I just have to add - did you see? I managed to get a whole family photo up there! I got this ginormous mirror at a garage sale (which I am still in lots of trouble over, as I told Daniel that, "Yes, I'm sure I want it hung right there! Well, it's way too low.  I think it should, if I even keep it where it is, be hung at least six inches higher.  The mirror itself weighs roughly twenty-times my full-term pregnant self, so you can imagine the kind of hardware Daniel had to use to make sure it stays on the wall and doesn't kill us all.  So it's staying put for now.) I thought it would be great in the dining room to help make it a bit brighter.  Only now we can just watch ourselves eat.  It's pretty weird.  But it did work out for my making an appearance in birthday photos. So I have that going for me.


Kayleena said...

Happy birthday Johnny! I still can't believe I met you when you were two. I remember feeling very proud that you let me hold you in mass even though I just met you :)I hope you had a very special day, and I can't wait to see you holding your new baby!

Shooting Starchild said...

I love the map wrapping paper!