Thursday, November 8, 2012

the woods were lovely, dark, and deep

DSC_0185 DSC_0190 DSC_0211 DSC_0213 DSC_0232 DSC_0236 DSC_0237
I've been missing my west coast.  These pics are from close to a year ago.  We had to go to Tillamook for some reason and made a day of it.  We heard there was a water fall close by, so we went to investigate.  We had to take this little one lane dirt road for some time. I was completely paranoid we were going to get stuck in the mud.  But we didn't.  We made it to the trail and set out through the lush green woods, the dappled sunlight making it feel as if fairy folk were real.  I'm so grateful for those days.

But here's what Oppa's looking for.  Her cold is much better, though we still have to suction her nose each day.  I think she may have colic. She was having a rough time before she caught the cold, and now that she's getting better, her fussy periods are not.  We're trying gripe water.  They say it should only last a few months, if that's what it is, so I think I'll just stay home till she's in a better mood.  (If only that were really an option!) It's sad really, she wakes up sometimes and is smiley and happy for a bit, then the crying starts.  It's like I can see that she's a happy girl at heart, but she's uncomfortable, or something, and she can't help but crying.  I have a whole list of foods to avoid, and I can do them all but coffee.  I'm trying to forgo it for a bit, but yesterday I ended up with a major migraine.  I'll try again.  In spite of colds and colic, despite naked trees and Daniel's long work days, I'm so grateful for these days too.


Lisa said...

Such a beautiful baby. Do you ever try just wearing her snug in the Moby? Or swaddling her? I'm sure you have but those are my only two suggestions I have to offer. None of my babies have had colic, but have had fussy moments and I could always wrap them snug in the Moby and they would calm down instantly.

Kayleena said...

Gorgeous pictures. I hope Allie is feeling better soon. We are praying for her.