Monday, January 28, 2013

The result of a temporary ban on Legos

They made their "armor" themselves.  I still can't find the other half of that tension rod.

Like most mothers, I'm sure, I have a love/hate relationship with Legos.  Their is no need for me to explain that one.  We recently changed the Lego policy in our house and it seems to be working. For now.  All the Legos are boxed up - they're sorted into various boxes in categories they created (Lord of the Rings, Ninjago, etc.).  Then they are allowed to play with only one or two boxes at a time, and then they must be picked up and put back in the box before they move onto their next activity.  And like I said, for now it's working.  I think it might have something to do with them preferring to play with Legos than wear paper bags.

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father jim said...

Are you sure they're not forming a militia in order to retake the private property that "the man" has taken away? I'd sleep with one eye open.