Wednesday, January 23, 2013

waking up

DSC_0633 DSC_0632
James is generally the first child to rise with me in the morning.  First things first, he asks if he can watch a show. The answer is always no, but he remembers that they were all sick once and got to watch a few shows first thing in the morning, and so now he asks. every. day.
Then dad's off to work.  Allie's still sleeping (as are the bigger boys). I have my coffee.   And we sit, we two.
He tells me different things, like maybe what he dreamt about that night (blogger thinks "dreamt" is not a word - I just googled it and discovered that technology made me doubt what I knew, and then subsequently affirmed me - silly technology, or perhaps, silly me) , or give the many details of what his latest Lego creation can do.  It is a nice time. (though I could do without the badgering about the show)
So good morning to you.
From me and James.


father jim said...

Good morning to you! Have you ventured outside yet, just to feel what -10 degrees feels like?

Kelly said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhhh... Fr. Jim. How are you enjoying sunny, WARM, FL? You know all those nice things I said about MN last summer? I take them back. All of them.

Angela said...

I love the photos, especially that first one!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice way to wake up ... apart from the badgering :-)

The photos of big bro lil sis were adorable!


Athos said...

These winters build character. Just wait until next week, when you'll hear yourself utter the words, "It's 30 degrees, it feels so warm!" The assimilation is almost complete...

Kelly said...

Thank you Anne!

And Fr. Jim, I do believe I'm going to be just chalk-full of character here pretty soon. Chalk-full.
Dan was saying yesterday how much warmer it felt - I think it made it up to 0.

Kelly said...

And sub-zero temps don't build character, they give you frost bite. I can see how they sound similar though.