Sunday, February 24, 2013

a sweater dress









Are you so tired of seeing pictures of my baby?
Too. bad.  :)
I knit this little dress for Allie last week.  I suggested, in jest, that Daniel should go get his sweater on so they could be so matchy-matchy.  It's made from the leftover yarn from that project, and I based it off of this pattern.  I'm not super crazy about the color (a little old lady already mistook her for a boy in it), but you see all that drool on her chin?  Well, she keep soaking her clothes and bibs.  The wool actually helps keep her warm and dry-ish.
In other news, Spring is seriously in the air.  At least today it was. (I'm fairly certain the temps are far from a steady incline.)  I've taken inventory of our seeds.  I'm planning and looking forward to seeing green again.

Finn made the little Matryoshka doll for Allie in those last pictures.  Isn't it sweet?  It's from this pattern.


petitcompaore said...

No, I am not tired of seeing pictures of your baby! I want to eat her up! She is just the cutest little person! And I do like the sweater dress too.

Vanillabean said...

My oh My She is so cute!!!! Your dress turned out really well.

Leilani said...

What a doll!! Can't wait to meet her!! :)
And I love her whole outfit -- adorable!!