Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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We're very Allie-centric around here.  At least the photo-ops are.  There was a blip of a few shots on my memory card of some oatmeal cooking from one morning, because the light and the steam looked so cool, but it seamed odd to throw one of those pics up here.  I don't know why I mentioned it.
I've determined that the edge of the world lies somewhere within the confines of our property.  I keep falling off, which is why I don't post often, or really speak to anyone for weeks at a time.
I moved furniture around in my house.  I get the feeling that it is something mums do in this area when they are half-way through winter and they've got to do something to change the pace, the scene, the landscape of our days.  Really I just swapped the couches and the boys declared it "a brand new room!"  But then it lead to a few other changes and "brand new rooms". Hopefully this landscape holds us for the duration of winter. Moving furniture is heavy.
I am sitting in a quiet house just now.  It's really a bit strange.  Daniel took the boys to the library and Allie is sleeping, so I am here, in the quiet.  It's pretty nice.  I haven't experienced this in a long while.  I told Daniel last night that I just needed to get some time away from the kids for a bit.  It wasn't going to happen that night, as we had very pleasant company, but you know, I needed it rather soon-ish.  I don't often feel that I need a break from the kids (anymore - I remember feeling that way when it was just John and Finn) so it surprised me to feel like I wanted some separation.  And I wondered why.  I mean, I don't ever feel that way about other members of my family, say like Daniel.  I have never wanted a break or space from him.   Why should a suddenly feel like I need to get away from these little people?  Perhaps it's as simple as a height/space ratio: if you are so tall, you must give me x amount of space??  (Typing that just reminded me of a rather short fellow who tried to kiss me once.  I realized, just in time, what he was trying to do, and stood up very straight.  He missed my lips by a mile, and I think the kiss landed on my throat in a rather unromantic way.  Who was he kidding?  Did he really think he could reach?  The height/space ratio clearly applied in that scenario. anyways.) Whatever it is, this quiet was needed.  I just wish I didn't feel as though I need to do the dishes. And I wish I didn't crave salted chocolate caramel either.  (cause it's lent. and I don't have any.)

Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd they're back. Somehow they all look cuter now.  weird.


Vanillabean said...

Allie is so cute! I love that last picture of Her and Dan. I feel like I'm on the same wavelength as you. I haven't been posting or talking to people often, although I really want to. I can't tell if it's because I'm busy, tired, or something else. Maybe I'm just Hibernating :)

Kayleena said...

Love your long post. You should do more of them!

Or, I suppose I could just call for a chat. Yes, I think that would be a good idea.

Allie is just looking cuter every day!