Wednesday, April 3, 2013

in summary

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Sooooooooooooo..... I sorta forgot to post March.  Whoops.  So there's a bit of it, in summary.


Kate said...

how did everyone get so big?

Kelly said...

I have no idea.

peacework projects said...

o.k. so i love your spiral. where did you get that wooden figure of Jesus? and what did use for dye for your eggs?

Vanillabean said...

What's the story behind Allie's Necklace? I have seen it in photos before.

Kelly said...

Erin, the beads are baltic amber, or otherwise known as a teething necklace. When the amber is warmed against the skin it releases a natural pain reliever. But essentially it's another sign of my spiral towards hippie-dom. ;)
Heather, I got my spiral last year from A Holy Experience blog. I don't know if they are still making them or not (her kids were making them). The Jesus figure came with, as did a Mary riding a donkey, so that the spiral can be used both during advent and lent.
And I did the onion skins for the eggs! I think I saved the skins from about 5 onions, the directions I used said about 5 cups water and 2 tbsp vinegar, but it kept evaporating, so I had to keep adding more. Cooked that for 30 min, then I hard boiled my eggs in the mix (i went ahead and left the skins in.) I couldn't believe how dark they got! My mom thought I must have used brown eggs, but they were white to begin with. Hope you are having a very blessed lent!