Thursday, May 9, 2013

thinking about crawling

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Allie has been thinking about crawling.  She gets close, on all fours and rocks, and then cries.  So frustrated.  She wants to go places, and she wants to get there fast, but she's just not there yet.  But soon, she will.

I have just unwittingly written an analogy for my whole life.
I hope I crawl at the end.

The boys are sitting across from me, James and Finn, arguing over their popcorn snack who's mouth is bigger.  Apparently the boy with the biggest mouth will get the most popcorn.

I made a huge mistake.  We have trees all over the yard that drop branches like none other and I told the boys I would give them a penny a branch... you can see where this went.  I'm now $15+ in the hole.  Daniel said the road to virtue is often paved with bribery.  I'm hoping this means the boys will end up being quite virtuous.

Beyond that, I don't know that there is anything that qualifies as "news". (though I'm not sure anything on this blog ever qualifies as news, so I shouldn't be too concerned, I guess) The boys would tell me to announce our other new "pets" on the blog, our worms (I started vermicomposting).  But only the boys consider them "pets", which I think is cute.

Our bunny, Jack, has been a lot of fun.  Bunnies don't have much of a reputation for being too affectionate, but he's really a good one.  Doesn't mind being held and is pretty sociable, for a bunny.  He's a Jersey Wooly.  What I'm kinda hoping will work out is harvesting his fur (they shed every 3 or 4 months) and then maybe one day I'll spin some yarn.  That would be pretty awesome.
I'm also pleased with all the free manure I'm getting.   For so long, I've planned on getting rabbits because I wanted their poo for the garden.  My, how our goals in life change...

So anyways, sounds like the boys' lunch is done cooking.  Allie just woke from her nap.  It's back to work I go.

P.S. I forgot... the biggest news around here is there's NO SNOW!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!


petitcompaore said...

I love Allie's very contemplative look in these pictures. :)

Vanillabean said...

I hope you both crawl soon :)

Kayleena said...

She looks like such a sweetheart. My heart is aching to meet her! July can't come soon enough!!