Tuesday, July 23, 2013

where we began

So I was intending to show a bunch of pictures from our trip, but for today, I have just one.

We went out to Seattle for my brother's wedding, and while we were there we celebrated my parent's 40th anniversary as well, so weddings and vows were on my mind.  One of the days we were out and about - doing the kind of running around one knows so well if they are visiting the place they are from - we were quite near the chapel where Daniel and I were married.  James had to go potty, Allie needed a change, and traffic was bad, so it seem a perfect time to see if we could take a little look inside.
Now the chapel is located inside of the school that Daniel taught at for a number of years.  When we walked inside the school, so many memories began running around in my mind - the kind of running around you know memories well do when you are visiting a place you've been....  The summer we met was a perfect one, weather-wise, much like the one Seattle's having now.  We were full of dinner's, outings, gin & tonics, and excellent conversations.  We couldn't make it through the whole summer without getting engaged, so by Fall, we were preparing for a wedding.  Who knows if it's true, but I remember that Fall being an amazing one too. Stairwells and hallways brought back quick coffee dates and meeting after school.   Then we walked into the chapel, as an entourage now, and that day, nearly ten years ago, filled me to the point where it was brimming at my eyes.   I became acutely aware that this place was where We began.  People saw us make a promise, but what no one could see was the miracle of God's grace making us more than who we were.
So days later I was able to witness my brother and his bride's beginning.  It's exciting to know that it is only their beginning.  Knowing with God's grace, that their love that feels so big to them now, is really on its way to becoming bigger than they could ever imagine.
The day after that, my parents received a special blessing for their anniversary (we were trying to cram celebrations together and take advantage of everyone still being in town). 40 years ago, they began.  After the blessing, we took many pictures (and not a one on my camera!), offering photographic evidence of their bigger love.  As photos were snapped, I felt it was right that what started in church before God be celebrated there too.
My goodness, I'm not often so sentimental here.  I'm sure this all sounds so rambly and incoherent.  Maybe even flighty. oh well.

But anyways, here's the picture of us now.  At the place where we began.  You can't see our faces, because the camera isn't properly focused on us.  Funny how the camera can get it so right sometimes.



Vanillabean said...

Lovely, just lovely :)

peacework projects said...

i love the reflection on the floor of your family. that's cool.

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