Monday, September 23, 2013


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why.... hello.  I've had multiple grandpa requests, and one from my sister-in-law for a post.  I've been trying, really!  It's been a tricky last couple of months.  But finally, I have uploaded some pictures.  These are all from Jamie's birthday.  (Though he prefers James, or Jim.  I can call him James if he likes, but it will be a hard one getting used to Jim.  It just seems too old.)
He got a real tools.  And they happen to be the only gift I got a decent picture of, as he woke up at the crack of dawn asking to open presents.  No one should expect pictures in focus before I've had my coffee.  He loved all his gifts, and is actually taking care of them.  If this is 5, then I like it.
He specially requested to go to his favorite library on his special day.  On our way out the door, Finn starts yelling, "Serpent! Serpent!" These kids are so home schooled. John was actually brave enough to pick it up.  (Yes, I know it's a harmless garter snake. But. ew. So yes, brave.) Then they all had a try.  John told me that when the eyes are blue like you see in the picture, it means that the snake is going to shed it's skin within a couple days.
James actually requested pink and white frosting on his cake, only because he knew that I made pink frosting by crushing berries in it, and that's what he wanted.  It's a step up from the brown brick I made last year (too tired to look for the link) so yay me.
And now, I know what you're thinking.  "There was only one Allie picture in the whole bunch!!!"  I know.  But it was Jamie's day.  The sweet girl took her first steps last night.  I can hardly believe she's so big already.


Kayleena said...

Yaaaaay! I was so thrilled to see you updated!

It was funny. Initially, I looked at your blog on my phone, but it took a little while to load the pictures. The title being "Jim" I sat there wondering what the post could be about until the pics loaded. I was very confused for a minute. (Are they having another baby and naming it Jim?!) I totally did not think of Jamie at all! (You're right, the name sounds far too old!) So funny.

AKmamaOf6 said...

I love my little/big five year old, she's my youngest now, it's so strange not having littler people. She ADORES bugs and snakes and creepy crawlies. Are you on instagram? I took a pic of her with her dead earth worms all over the kitchen yesterday after they tragically escaped during the night and dried up all. over. the. floor.